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Encourage Empower

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At Study House, we provide an individualized and flexible smart learning environment where we come alongside each student in preparing them for their life journey ahead of them. Our focus is always on a holistic approach in a loving and caring environment with non-traditional schooling. We pride ourselves in small classrooms and individual interactions educating both mind and heart.


Study House is an authorized Cambridge Exam Centre and registered school with a focus on environmental management nestled in the heart of the Garden Route Botanical Gardens in George. Study House has the vision to empower individuals through our unique perspectives, compassion, and integrity; thereby harnessing enormous potential through connection to the environment and partnerships with the community.   We provide holistic education from Grade 4 to Grade 12 integrating international curriculums, integrated methodologies, the arts, and nature.

The dedicated team presents the prescribed curriculum enriched with morals, values, and life skills.  We include lessons in self-defense, survival skills, permaculture / biodynamic farming, horsemanship, herbalism, food studies, and philosophy.  Chess, dancing, drama, singing, art, and photography adds flavour to our day. 

To enhance the learning journey students are encouraged to attend courses in peer counseling, peer education,  and first aid.

Taking care of our beautiful botanical gardens, at the foot of the majestic Outeniqua mountains, awakens our social conscience.  


Student pledge their time to  maintain and develop the gardens, organize fundraising events, guiding school tours and enthusiastically assist the Garden Route Botanical Trust host National Science Week and other events.

Study House is a family supported and pioneered by students, parents, teachers, and an awesome community. 

"We are proud to be part of
the world’s largest international
community of schools."

More than 100 years of


We have the know-how you need for Academic Excellence.

Encourage Empower

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